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Mad Cow Productions latest play flyer

Niki Holmes has been company Artist for Mad Cow Productions since 2010. Lend Me A Tenor is the fifth company production that she has created the promotional artwork for. Niki drew her inspiration for the show poster from various key plot points and Art deco travel posters.

This play, set in a 1930's uptown Cleveland, Ohio hotel suite is a marvellous combination of all the classic elements of farce: Mistaken identities, amorous ladies, naughty banter, and a looming scandal! A sensation on Broadway and in London's West End, this madcap, screwball comedy is guaranteed to leave audiences teary-eyed with laughter.

Niki will also be preforming in Lend me a Tenor, playing Maria, the fiery jealous Italian wife of a famous Operatic Tenor.

Performances are at the Walker Theatre, Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury -17th -20th October.

For further details and tickets follow the link below:

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