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Exhibition of New Work in London Gallery

It is now just over three weeks until the opening Niki's exhibition, including new work.

'As We Are' with Rupert Record opens Tuesday 4th September at the Menier Gallery, on Southwark Street, London.

In her recent paintings exploring rural and marginal urban fringe environments. people have begun to 'wander in' to the work.

It is many years since the human figure has featured in her work.

'I attribute their return to an increasing need to decode the remains of human activity that I find in the landscape and also to my work as a Scenographer.

I have grown used to seeing some human drama unfolding in front of the environments I have created. As a piece of drama seeks to explore human relationships and motivations, I am now seeking to show the shifting interplay between people, their environment and their technology - in seeking a sense of place, a sense of belonging and identity in the real, imagined and virtual environments they navigate.'

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