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Arts Emphasis in Workshops and Tutoring


Niki Holmes facilitates learners of all ages and ability levels who wish to explore an imaginative approach to creative work and who are willing to explore and experiment with new ideas or new ways of working, whether in groups or through individual tutoring.

She provides a practical introduction to a range of creative techniques, using different materials and methods.  Students need not have prior experience of Arts practise to discover their innate creativity and aesthetic appreciation.


Arts Emphasis:

Workshop Facillitation and Art & Design Consultancy 

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Niki Is has enhanced DBS clearance for working with both Children and Adults.

Arts Emphasis in Health


Niki Holmes has over ten years of exprience in working in Health Contexts. She aims to enhance patients, visitors and healthcare staffs experience through integrating Art into healthcare environments and in through the provision of assess to quality Arts events and workshops.


She works with closely with these stakeholders and design professionals to develop thoughtfully commissioned Artworks, Arts participation and access programmes that promote mental wellbeing, tackle key public health priorities, boost staff morale and involve local communities.


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Arts Emphasis in Collaborative Projects

Niki Holmes has over twenty years of exprience in working to facilitate engagement between local communities, Artist, Designers and other professionals.

She engages with diverse communiities to ensure that they have a direct input in shaping the creative vision for changes in their environment, through the provision of assess to quality design participation events and workshops to inform Design briefs for Civic Design Enhancements and Public Artworks .







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